AA Targets specializes in armored steel targetry systems for practical and long range shooting. We started this company with the goal of being a leading manufacturer of simple, reliable, and readily portable steel targetry systems. Our intention is simple...let shooters shoot. We know, like our customers, we would much rather be squeezing a trigger as opposed to walking back and forth downrange to the target array to stand them back up or repair them, etc. Based upon our knowledge gained from interaction with world class shooters, and from getting off the square range and shooting in matches, we have come to identify what simply works and what doesn't.

Austin & Ashley Angus, Owners

Austin is a certified welder, with a background in competitive shooting. Austin competes in practical field style long range matches as well as some 3 gun matches. Austin combined his passion for shooting with his background in welding to form AA Targets.  We strive to build the most reliable, portable, and innovative targets on the market.