In cooperation with Thunder Beast Arms and Competition Dynamics, AA Targets set out to develop the ultimate practical rifle target. It was a tall order. The stand needed to be simple, rugged, with the ability to withstand a lot of abuse thrown its way. In the event of a breakage, it also needed to be easily repairable. To top it all off, this needed to be achieved in a package that was extremely portable. Competition Dynamics sets the standard for long range-practical rifle competitions, and they needed to be able to easily transport a large amount of targets and stands to and from various match locations.

The Competition Target exceeded our goals. In fact, it has become the industry standard for practical rifle targets. It is extremely simple, consisting of 5 equal length pieces of rebar, two corner brackets, and our composite rubber strapping and bolt. The four legs and the crossbar are all the same length to allow easy setup and quick repairs. There is no searching in a stack of rebar for different sized pieces. They all interchange. It assembles and disassembles rapidly.

Once taken apart into its separate pieces, it is easily transported or stored. A typical heavy-duty 3/4-ton pickup can transport up to about 70 complete targets. This capacity is unheard of using other target systems.

The target itself hangs from the composite rubber strapping via a Grade 8 bolt. We are the ONLY company offering composite rubber strapping! It is far superior to any other mounting options we have tried. Chain breaks, as does rope, and tie down straps. Our strapping is capable of absorbing many, many stray rounds before failure occurs. We use only grade 8 bolts to attach our targets to the strapping. These are much stronger than the typical bolts you're likely to find at your local big box hardware store. They withstand far greater punishment before failure. This translates to more shooting and less fixing!

The Competition Stand has proven itself time and time again. It has built a reputation for unmatched reliability and performance at countless major matches. A few notable include: The Steel Safari, Sniper's Hide Cup, Thunder Beast Team Challenge, 24HR Sniper Adventure Challenge, Rocky Mountain Steel Quest and many more!