Our IPSC targets are made out of the same premium 3/8" AR500 steel that our standard targets are.  We offer them in both the Water Jet Cut and Plasma Cut.  We have 1/2, 2/3 and full size IPSC's.

Generally our 3/8" AR500 plate will withstand, without damage, rifle fire from conventional copper/lead bullets with an impact velocity 3000 fps or less. Impact velocity is what causes damage to armor steel. Generally if the muzzle velocity is lower than 3200 fps and the targets are set at least 100 yards away, the AR500 plate will not be damaged.

Close-range impacts from high velocity .223 may cause approx 1mm round pock marks. This will wear the plate prematurely; however, it is not a considerable problem in itself.

Never use any type of armor piercing ("AP") or steel/tungsten-core projectile. Use of monolithic bullets (eg. bronze alloy) may accelerate plate wear.